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coolwagteam We are dog lovers...just like you.  We are located down the street from Crystal Bridges and the Amazeum on NE J Street. At CoolWag your dog can roam and play in our 12,000 square foot indoor facility or run around outside on the four acre property. Our Motto - We don't put baby in a cage.   We believe your pet needs to be in a stress free environment with exercise & love help promote that.  We separate dogs by size, age and personality and give them a place to run and play or relax on comfy couches and furniture...just like home.  In addition, we are dog trainers and have grooming staff (we no longer perform haircuts, but still offer baths, nails, glands, etc.). Your pet safety and security is paramount to us.  Our staff have canine certifications with IBPSA (International Boarding & Pet Services Association) and our management is Pet CPR and First Aid trained.  We have full surveillance of the facility and require everyone to be current on all their vaccines.  We know you will miss your baby, so we provide you with updates and posts on Facebook (there is sometimes a lag on very busy holidays). You are always free to call us as well.

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Daycare & Hotel

BigPlayDog daycare and hotel boarding at it's best. In our spacious 12,000 sq ft facility, your dog has space to run around and enjoy.  Our indoor arena has couches for lounging and room to run and our staff keep them busy with fun games and activities.  Your pet will not be boarded in a cage.  Fitness is important and your dog will not be bumping into walls or other dogs for lack of space!

Coolwag:  Located a 1/2 mile North of Crystal Bridges and The Amazeum, we offer large indoor and outdoor arenas with individual sleeping hotel rooms. With our indoor and outdoor playgrounds with either a saucer pool or kiddie pools in summer, our guests get the activity and fun that they need and want.

Coolwag is a dog's dream come true. With all hotel stays, your baby will have his/her own vacation. We don't "count" the number of times they aren't in their cage....they are in a play group enjoying the outdoors; running around, playing with other dogs and our Dog Handler, swimming or just taking a nap in the shade.  At night, they have comfortable rooms with beds and lots and lots of love.

Dayplay / Daycare Rates (prices exclude tax)

  • $29.00 full-day (6:30am - 7:00pm M-F)
  • $29.00 Sat: 9am - 5pm / Sun: 1pm - 5pm
  • $20.00 half-day (Any consecutive 5 hours on M-F, excluding holidays)
We also have two daycare package options:
  • A subscription, billed the first of each month which allows you to bring your dog M-F every day of the month.
  • A 20-pack which is available to as many dogs that you have. Every time a dog comes to daycare, it is depleted by one day for each dog.

Lodging Rates

Open 7 days a week (Excluding Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day--we still take care of our boarding dogs and offer daycare to them but our lobby is closed for drop-off, pick-up and daycare)

M-F 6:30-7:00, Sat 9:00-5:00, Sun 1:00-5:00.

During Bentonville School SPRING BREAK, THANKSGIVING BREAK and CHRISTMAS BREAK except for Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year's Day: Monday-Saturday 9-5, Sun 1:00-5:00.  

Standard Suites are 25-50 sqft and include indoor and outdoor dayplay, administering meals, administering medicine, treats (if dog parent approves) and lots and lots of love and exercise.

  • Single Occupancy:
    • $48 per night (Includes first day and pick-up by 1pm)
    • $20 half Day charge (if picked up after 1pm--this is waived on Sunday if picked up between 1-1:30 but please remind our staff at the time of checkout or you will need to call us for the credit)
  • Double Occupancy:
    • $79 per night (Includes first day and pick-up by 1pm)
    • $20 x 2 half Day charge (if picked up after 1pm)
  • Triple Occupancy:  
    • $110 per night (Includes first day and pick-up by 1pm)
    • $20 x 3 half Day charge (if picked up after 1pm)

Call us at 479-273-3553 for details. Discounted Annual contracts are available..


We offer baths with all natural products, nails maintenance, paw-d-cure with or without color, glands and ear cleaning. We no longer offer haircuts but can transport your dog to a local groomer or veterinarian, as long as you schedule it with us in advance. Your dog is in a cage-free environment where they have the choice of playing first (or not). Our groomers love dogs.. they participate in CoolWag's Rescue program by fostering and helping other foster programs. We use all natural ingredients and have many products that can help with various issues such as: Matting: if the mats are not too tight to the skin, we have a product that can "dissolve" them and allow them to be brushed out without the pain associated. If they are too tight, we will recommend a shave at a partner grooming salon. Itchy skin: We have some all natural products that can help or even eliminate it. Some topical solutions and some are ingested--some products are both like coconut oil. When you schedule your groom, make sure to indicate that your baby has "Itchy Skin". The owners of CoolWag have dogs with itchy skin and have been successful at treating them with a good quality food and a probiotic in the form of kefir milk. They put one or two tablespoons of kefir milk in their food at each meal and within a few days, the itching stops. When the kefir was discontinued, in about a week the itching returned. This is information to share on what has worked for them and is not a prescription or advice meant to replace that of a veterinarian. See this article, which is one of many: https://www.luckypuppymag.com/how-kefir-may-be-able-to-help-your-itchy-dog/  


Group Puppy Classes: Six months pass to attend as often as you like. Offered an average of four times a month (2 Saturday am/2 Tuesday pm).  The cost is 295.00 and includes a treat bag, clicker, treats, a certificate of completion and a "Human: Dog Language" class. It also includes pet health information as well as information on proper grooming and when it can affect your pet's health, Pet First Aid, additives, and Immune system boosters. - To sign up for our next Puppy Group Class, Register by Clicking: Register, or if you are already a client, Login by clicking: Login and once you are logged in, click Sign up for the next Puppy Group Class! All training comes with a "Human" where we talk about positive reinforcement training and how to make training fun for both you and your dog. Thinking like a trainer who knows how dogs think is paramount to a successful training program. Come join us for an hour or two to learn what a dog responds to, and what they don't!  Human classes are offered about once every 8 weeks and are 99.00 (1.5-2 hours). It is complimentary if paired with any of our dog training services. Human: PetTech's Pet CPR & First Aid is offered about four times a year, based on demand. This class gets you prepared to help your pet in the event of an illness or injury. The class is used by military and police canine units to train the handlers how to react if something happens while they are in their care prior to veterinarian care. This class is great for new dog owners as well as seasoned ones! The cost is $99.00. We offer behavioral modification and socialization training through positive reinforcement (training both parents and pet!). Also available is one-on-one training either scheduled (Private Training), during daycare (Play and Train), or during a hotel stay (Stay & Train)


New To CoolWag?

  If you are new to us, please sign up HERE to access our online enrollment form and reservation system. HINT: Use your email address as your "alias". We will need the agreement completed, the up-to-date shot records uploaded or faxed, and we need to meet your baby for a "temperament test" (free day of daycare!). During the test, we just make sure that we are all a good fit. Advice:
  1. Use your email address as your alias
  2. Check the box for "SMS" next to your mobile phone number so we can send you texts.
  3. Once you complete the agreements click on "Return to Dashboard" and then click on the "Pet Info" button and add your dogs info.
  4. We must have a copy of the vaccination records. You can then use the "File Upload" button to upload the shot records from your vet... you can use a picture of them, a scanned image, or if you don't have them electronically, you can have the vet fax them to 479-595-0158.
  5. Once this is complete, email us (info@coolwag.com) or call us (479-273-3553) to schedule the temperament meet & greet/free day of daycare!

Existing Clients and Once You've Registered

Click LOGIN to make a reservation. If you have not logged into the portal before, your email address will be your UserID and you can select the "reset password" button to reset your password using your email. Before making a reservation, please make sure that we have your baby's up-to-date shot records. You can either upload them using the "File Upload" button, that you will see once you login, or have your vet fax them to: 479-595-0158 (Have your Veterinarian fax your baby's innoculation records to us showing up-to-date Bordetella, Rabies, Parvo, and Canine Distemper). Parvo/Distemper is often given together in a combo shot and might look like this: "DHPPV", "DHPP", "DA2PP", or "DA2PPV". For more information, please reference this ARTICLE.