Bordetella “Kennel Cough”: What You Need to Know and What CoolWag does about it.

What do we do to try to prevent Bordetella from spreading at CoolWag?


  1. All dogs are required to be up-to-date on their Bordetella vaccine in order to enter the CoolWag facility.
  2. We have very high ceilings and exhaust fans that replace the air indoors every four hours.
  3. We are very well ventilated.
  4. We have huge play areas so that the dogs are not too close to each other.
  5. We disinfect the floor and walls with WysiWash at least once a day and when it is busy, twice a day.
  6. We have brick or astroturf with a gravel base which makes it easy to disinfect the outside and inside play yards.
  7. We disinfect the water bowls with WysiWash daily.
  8. Staff is trained to look for any signs of a Bordetella infection, as well as any other ailments that our dogs may have. We isolate any dogs that are coughing and notify their human parents.
  9. Wysiwash is basically pool shock but it is 125 times more effective at killinggerms than Bleach (which is a proven killer of the Bordetella virus).
  10. 10.To learn more about Bordetella, there is an excellent article here:


At CoolWag we take the job of keeping your dog safe very seriously. Bordetella is like a cold that kids can pass to each other in school, or people can get at the office. It is airborne and symptoms don’t show up for 3-7 days after exposure. Most vaccinated dogs do not get it but some do, but usually in a milder form. Some dogs get it and never show symptoms (just like humans).  Increasing their immune systems with the vaccine and things like herbal supplements, Coconut Oil, Probiotics, and a healthy diet and exercise is another thing that we can all do together to help to keep their bodies strong enough to fight it, if they are exposed to it. If your dog does get Bordetella or any other upper respiratory infection, Coconut Oil has some proven benefits that can shorten the recovery period. You can get more information here:

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