Giardia..What you need to know and what CoolWag does about it.

What do we do to prevent Giardia from spreading at CoolWag?

1. All yards are covered in AstroTurf with a gravel base which allows us to disinfect the turf and gravel. It also keeps moist soil and water puddles from being exposed to the dogs—which is often a carrier of Giardia cysts.


2.  We treat all poop like it is infected, because many dogs have Giardia cysts, it is impossible to know whether a cyst has been shed or not. To be safe, we just treat them all as if they have a parasite which means we REMOVE IT IMMEDIATELY and DISINFECT the area immediately with Wysiwash.

3. Wysiwash is basically pool shock but it is 125 times more affective at killing Giardia cysts and other germs than Bleach (which is a proven killer of Giardia).

4. To learn more about Giardia, there is an excellent article here:


At CoolWag we take the job of keeping your dog safe very seriously. Giardia is part of the environment we live in – ponds, puddles, the ground, etc. Having turf on gravel and Wysiwash and a sense of urgency about removing poop is the most effective method we have of keeping your dog safe from parasites. Increasing their immune systems with things like herbal supplements, Coconut Oil, Probiotics, and a healthy diet and exercise is another thing that we can all do together to help to keep their bodies strong enough to fight it—because, if they are outside, they WILL be exposed to it.



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