Please sign up HERE to access our online enrollment form and reservation system. HINT: Use your email address as your “alias”. We will need the agreement completed, the up-to-date shot records uploaded or faxed, and we need to meet your baby for a “temperament test” (free day of daycare!). During the test, we just make sure that we are all a good fit..

When completing the form, please use your email address as your “userID” and once your accept the agreements, you will be taken to a dashboard where you can click on “Pet Info” and add your dog(s), including a picture of him/her. Be aware that their vaccination dates are the dates when they are due for their next shots, NOT the date they received their current ones. If you have the shot records electronically, please use “File Upload” to upload them, if not you can have your veterinarian fax them to us at 479-595-0158.

After you add your dog you can contact us to schedule their temperament test and you can schedule boarding, daycare, or grooming appointments.

1. Complete registration using your email address as your UserID.
2. Electronically “sign” the agreements using your new Username/password or sign in the box.
3. Click on “Pet Info” and add each dog–make sure to enter when the vaccines are due next, not when they were given.
4. Upload a picture of your dog if you have one handy.
5. Use “File Upload” to upload digital vet records or have them faxed to 479-595-0158.
6. Schedule your temperament test by emailing or calling 479-273-3553.

If you have any problems, please email or contact us at 479-273-3553.